My New Bag!

Small pic

Just got this from Ethiopia via Etsy. Took only four days via DHL. Don’t you just love globalization?


What happened? Part 2


Incredible view of Vancouver from our hotel room.

So what have I been up to?

Oh, lots of shit. We did a lot of traveling. Turns out there’s a lot of fun stuff to see in the West Coast. We went to Vancouver, BC and The Redwood Forest in California. We went to Lincoln City, OR and saw the Devil’s Punchbowl on the Oregon Coast. We also did a couple of trips to Seattle, we even went sailing on Puget Sound.  We took a trip to the Ape Caves in southern Washington state. I visited Florida for a work trip. Exciting for me as I had never been to the Florida and have only been on the East Coast once. All of which was incredible!

Redwood Forest

Giant trees in the forest

I did some crafting with some good results and a lot of disatrous results–jewelry, sewing, knitting, painting, dye jobs, making shoes. These may make good posts, watch out for more content!

I did a little bit of cooking with some new recipes and also jumped on the cold brew coffee bandwagon. What can I say? I am sheeple, hear me bahhhhhh. But, but, but! Best coffee ever! Can’t wait till summer so I can start making more.


Cold Brew Coffee


Dealt with a bunch of medical stuff. I’m not sure how much of that I should talk about and how much I should keep to myself. On top of all that noise, I found out I have severe seasonal allergies. Haven’t stopped coughing since September.  Major sad face.

So, there ya have it. Two years in a nutshell. Mostly, the good, the bad and none of the ugly!

What happened? Part 1


A lovely day at the coast last summer.


I really enjoyed writing in this space. I got to be creative in a whole new way and it was really thrilling to have readers, yes readers! And then after a solid year of posting, I disappeared. Poof! Into thin air. What happened?

Well, remember that new job I got? Back in 2012? I’m still there! Almost three years strong! Yay me! But the time that I had carved away to plan and write posts disappeared. I tried to find time elsewhere but I was kinda left with a choice: write a post or spend time with my family. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for my blog, family wins every time. I’m a piss poor time manager for my blog. I accept that. I also had this weird depression that I just could come out of. It was like driving slowly in miles and miles of fog. I could only see ahead of me a few feet but everything else was a blurry mess. Maintaining a happy face was slowing killing me on the inside. And then I had the culmination of a shit ton of medical problems. Nothing life-threatening (mostly) but I’m on the mend. I’m feeling much better mentally and physically. And I miss this. I miss blogging. I really do.

In the meantime, I haven’t stopped creating. I haven’t stopped traveling (or dreaming of traveling) and I most certainly have not stopped taking photos. I even created an Instagram account. (I know, I’m super fancy like the cool kids! My username there is Toast Hungry.)

Sooooo, I’m gonna try this again. I’m sorry I left you but I hope you come back.

Not Gonna Disappear

20130610-160545.jpgI’ve been simultaneously busy and lazy while not having the mounds of time I used to have to draft and plan posts. I’m lacking inspiration, yet overwhelmed with all the stuff I want to do.  I’m also dealing with some mild depression and anxiety. Additionally, I’ve been plagued with so many craft fails, it’s rather embarrassing to showcase anything. Unfortunately, that amounts to neglecting you, dear blog and dear readers. I haven’t had anything to say. I totally suck.

But, fear not, dear friends! I’m coming back. Got some things to chat about. I’m coming back with more blah and blah. Happy Monday and I’ll holla at you soon.


2012 in review

Happy Blogging Birthday to Me!

Can you believe I have been blogging for a year now? I started this blog out of sheer boredom and a desire to write and although my other blogging efforts bit the dust (less said, the better) I have actually kept up with writing! I hope that I can can continue to devote time to making this a interesting read. Yay me! prepared a 2012 report and it’s below. This is what I learned about my wee little blog.

  • My readership is super, duper small but that’s okay.
  • People like my TTV post. I should do more of them.
  • I average about 1 written post a week.
    • Except not really. It’s kind of skewered because I tend to have a few ideas for posts and then I get busy and forget to write them down and when I remember, I will blast through and will write a ton in one go.
  • People also really liked the recipes and DIYs. I will try to write more of them. I have some in mind.
  • I need to add more pics!

Anyways, click the report to read more. I thought it was kind of fascinating.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Christmas Cooking

First of all, I swear I started writing this post a week ago but I can’t find a draft. My mind must be playing tricks on me..

So Christmas cooking. Like I said in the last post, we had a really scaled down Christmas and Thanksgiving feast. The Husband didn’t want to make a lot of dishes (he does about 95% of the cooking in the household. I can see his point.) There are only three of us, including a picky eater. Food will often go bad before we can consume everything and we were really lacking in the holiday spirit. We had the usual dishes for Thanksgiving–turkey, cake, roasted Brussels sprouts, more vegetables, homemade cranberry sauce and  dressing–I’m from the South, it will always be dressing. Unfortunately, my dressing is not like my mom’s and I’m starting to dislike making it and eating it.

Overall, I feel like this was our most healthful holiday meal EVA! We mixed it up really good. We had our roasted Brussels sprouts and green beans but we had a lamb roast (so good!) and a blackberry/raspberry cobbler with a handmade crust using some berries in the freezer from one of the many u-pick farms in the area.


Yummmmm, quinoa… (Pic from wiki commons)

I decide to nix my regular dressing in exchange for a recipe for Sage and Stuffing Dressing Seasoned Quinoa.

It turned out both great and okay. Here’s why I say that: I think the recipe was very good, but I shouldn’t have added the celery (I generally don’t like it). The celery tasted odd and unpleasant to me when I reheated it. Maybe I overcooked it originally and it didn’t hold up to a reheating? Also, I could have been more adventurous with the spices. I tend to add as I go along and this time I didn’t. I pretty much followed the recipe. By no means was it bland but I’m so used to adding as I go, I think I missed that about my own cooking.  Since The Boy won’t eat anything he isn’t familiar with and The Husband was feeling “meh” about it because it wasn’t dressing; I don’t know if I will cook it again for the holidays. I do love that it was a healthy alternative and I loves me some quinoa. Maybe I’ll add it into our regular rotation.

Buttermilk Biscuits:
Biscuits are an utter pain in the ass to make.  In order to make good ones, you need to sacrifice a least a month of your time kneading and pleading. In most recipes, there are so many steps, I refuse to make them on principle alone. Then I came across the game changer: Easy buttermilk biscuits made with whole wheat flour. The hell. You say.  It can’t be true. You guys, seriously. Seriously. You guys. It really worked. These were better than restaurant biscuits and I made them myself and my arms only hurt minimally. As usual, I did make some changes. The UGC used regular milk but I used buttermilk. I followed her advice about using half whole wheat and half all purpose flour. The Husband and I loved them! The Boy said he liked it, maybe. Which means not really. **Le sigh. I’ll keep trying.