Things I Like/Things I Don’t Like 5/11/2012

The weekend is upon us! Yippee! And the weather is gonna be gorgeous. I might actually get in a real run this weekend. It’s been almost three months since I’ve pounded the pavement. I fear I won’t be making that weight loss goal I set for myself. Such is life.

Now it’s time for TIL/TIDL:


Things I Like:

  • I like guacamole. I can’t get over it. Have I mentioned that before?
  • Sunday Parkways. In Portland, for one Sunday in each quadrant of the city, the city closes off a trail to all motor vehicles and allows pedestrians and bicyclists free reign.We’ve participated in it for the last two years. This year, we’re going to do the ride in Northeast along with some friends and then the one in our quadrant in North Portland. So excited! Does it count as exercise?
  • Blossoming flowers and signs of spring. The picture above is from my little garden. I had nothing to do with them. The previous owners planted them. To them, I say, THANK  YOU. I’m also loving all the sun and warm weather that we’re getting. I’m really ready to turn off the heated mattress on our bed.
  • The Hunger Games. I finally read the first book. It was really good. There was only one tiny part near the ending that I thought was super cheesy (I seriously said out loud, “Are you shitting me? Really?) but it was a really engaging and good book.

Things I Don’t Like:

  • I have nothing to bitch about this week. Life is pretty good.

Have a splendid weekend! And Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there.


Jewelry making is hard

Lord, lord, lord I don’t know why I thought working with copper was going to be not as hard as I thought. Now, I’m not saying I thought it was easy. Quite the contrary. I knew it was gonna be hard, just not this hard.

So I got it in my head I was gonna make this really cool necklace. Y’all saw the post I did for it right? Let’s just say it looked nothing like what I wanted. So then I took some smaller gauged wire and tried to make a ring, something similar to this: While it looked okay for someone playing around, it still looked terrible. No where near as cute as the rings that I saw. Getting the copper to bend in the way that I want it and then cutting the wire and crimping it while using my giant man hands is just something I was not made to do.

Second attempt: I then took some wire and wrapped it around a bottle stopper because it was the closest to my ring size and I don’t have a ring mandrel.  I’m not a serious jewelry maker. I don’t want to invest good money on something like a ring mandrel that I’m only gonna use once in a while.Working with what I got.

I curled the ends into a little spiral to close out the ends and to make it cute. I’ve worn it a few times and I kind of like it. If this works out, everyone in my immediate family is getting copper jewelry for Christmas.

Losing Teeth

Howdy Reader,

Wow! It’s been a hot minute since my last post. I’ve been doing some job transitioning and applying for other jobs and interviewing for jobs. A lot of job stuff in general but I don’t really want to talk too much about it.

Other than that, I’ve trying to spend a little less time on the computer which is completely impossible considering how I finally got an iPhone! All I want to do is play with it, and download crap and take pictures and play stupid pranks with Siri. The Boy and I were hunched over the phone, giggling, while asking stupid questions like, “Will you call me Danger Ninja?” and “How many books does Joe Mama have?” I know, stupid questions, but hey, I’m working with a six year-old!  The humor isn’t very sophisticated. The Husband said that we looked like giggling 12 year-old kids.

Speaking of The Boy, all of his little classmates are losing their first teeth. It’s kinda adorable to think of all those little broken smiles. Way back in February, we noticed that his two front bottom teeth had two little nubs behind them. His permanent teeth were poking thru his gums. We keep waiting and waiting and waiting for the baby teeth, which were very wiggly, to loosen and fall out but nothing happened. The permanent teeth just kept coming in until he had a nice set of piranha teeth in the back. We were holding out until his dentist appointment so that they could be pulled professionally.

Fast-forward to last weekend. We’re hanging out at a thrift store and The Boy is playing with an Ab-Roller. This is a total mommy fail. If you have a weak stomach, I suggest you turn away now. You’ve been warned.

Before I could say or think, hey maybe you shouldn’t play with that, he falls forward and starts whimpering. Blood is oozing from his lip and he’s trying to hold his little chin. The husband and I think, TEETH! And lo and behold, he’s holding one baby tooth in his hand and then he spits the other out in my hand. Blood is everywhere. A woman is standing behind me and hands me some napkins while telling me, she’s a mom and she always carries napkins. Thanks for the napkins and backhanded superiority comment. Another mommy fail. I’m a mommy without a freaking diaper bag or first aid kit! Blasted! **shaking fists at the sky**

We got him some ice to ease the flow of blood and like ten minutes after the whole ordeal, he’s moved on and reading a book and trying to eat the damned ice!  No tears, no whimpering, nothing. He’s talking about what we should have for dinner and how much payola the tooth fairy should give him.

Him: I should get a million dollars, right?

Me: No, honey, I don’t think the tooth fairy rolls like that.

Him: Okay, a thousand dollars?

Me: How about a dollar a tooth?

Him: Hmmmm, what if I lost all my teeth at the same time? Would I get a million dollars?

Me: You’re not going to lose them all at the same time and no, you’re still not getting a million dollars.

Him: Aw, man!

The tooth fairy left him a fiver (hazard pay and emotional suffering) and we’re still keeping his dentist appointment to make sure that there are no teeth bits left behind (shudder). But the best part is that he lost his first teeth and didn’t even have any gaping holes. Teeth were already in. Man, I love that kid!