Orange Painted Shoes

Back to the painted shoes….

Sorry, I took this picture in low light.

I had another pair of shoes I bought at the Goodwill. Old Navy shoes, brand new and soft grey, covered in yellow dots. I wasn’t fond of the ankle straps but that was a minor issue. I wore them once and surprisingly, well to me, they just didn’t work. They just weren’t flattering.

I decided that they must be painted. Since  the shoes were not leather maybe canvas? synthetic?, I needed something to cover the yellow dots that shone thru the area that I test painted. I used gesso, the painter’s primer. I covered both shoes with the gesso, waited a full week (man, I’m lazy!) and then painted the shoe a vermilion red/orange color. I thought I sealed it with the matte version of Mod Podge. I thought.  The surface looks great but I’m a hard heel striker when I walk. The color around the heel has started to chip. I plan on redoing it with another few coats.

So much better looking!

I have some other shoe projects that I’ll be posting soon. Have a splendid weekend!


Red Painted Shoes

Why am I obsessed with painting my shoes? It’s like I see a pair of shoes and then will decide that I don’t like the color and then I’ll have to tweak them.

It all started with a pair of shoes from Target. Little ballet flats, so cheap that they looked completely worn down after one wearing. I bought three pairs before knowing that they were such poor quality. One of the pair was supposed to be a really nice shade of grey. They turned out to be so shiny and patent leather-like that I couldn’t conceive of wearing them in that state. I painted them black, using the paint I had on hand: 3-D paint by tulip and some shitty acrylic craft paint. It worked out some sort of way because the 3-D paint gave the craft paint a nice gloss while dulling the patent leather look and the craft paint made the the 3-D paint last longer and it helped extend the  life of the shoes. The surface hardly showed any wear and tear. I only tossed them when I  finally wore the soles down to nothing. They still looked good.

Since then, I’ve painted other shoes. Red, blue, black, orange (how I did the orange ones, coming soon) and I came close to falling into the glitter shoe fad but I abstained.

Aren’t we so cute and perfect?

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when we were in a Gap’s outlet store. I see the perfect pair of high heeled espadrille sandals on a mannequin. Even though they were a lot higher than I normally wear (I normally never wear anything with a raised heel. Flats forever, yo!), I looked all over the whole store for them. I wanted them bad and I couldn’t find a single pair like the one on display. Resigned, I went to the register to pay out and the salesperson asked if I found everything ok. I said no, I wanted the mannequin’s shoes and didn’t see a pair. To make a long story short, the pair on the mannequin were the last in the store and they were my size and they sold them to me for only 11 bucks! Hells yeah!

The only thing…they were white. Now listen, I’m not saying everyone with big feet looks ridiculous wearing white shoes but I’m saying that I look ridiculous wearing white shoes. I’m short with big feet. I look like an escapee from Ringling Bros when I wear white shoes and/or sneakers. Just stick a red nose on me and call it a day.

Wear us and ye shall suffer! Suffer!

So the white shoes…I decided to paint them red with a bottle of fabric paint. Turned out so cute! I boldly wore them to work. For nine hours. All day I felt so tall and pretty! I could look above my cubicle wall without trying! It was so great. And then for the next five days, my back hurt so much I could barely sit, lie down or bend at the waist. They’re like torture shoes. But at least I looked cute, right!