Trying out new app. Don’t know if this will work but the story below really did happen.

Last week, we were on our way to pick up pizza for dinner and The Boy decided he wanted chicken wings. We told him no because the last time we let him order chicken wings, he ate about two of them and forgot about the rest. He kept pleading until he said,
“But I will eat those wings like a man!!!!


Saying Goodbye to Summer

I’m feeling extremely weepy today. Maybe it’s because I can see the sunlight changing. While everyone in most of the country has been burning up, we here in the PNW have only had summer temps for about a month and they haven’t been too extreme. As much as I hate hot temperatures, I still would have liked just a teensy, weensy bit more of summer. I’m not complaining, maybe just a little wistful?

I keep thinking about how in just two weeks my little man will be back in school. He’ll be a first-grader! We’ve been talking to him about how different everything will be: he’ll need to do his homework, stay out of detention and trouble (his words, not mine), work on his handwriting, and learn more math and science. Those two subjects, he’s really excited about. As much as I would love him to be interested in the arts, he really likes science-y things more.  I have to admit how proud I was when we were looking at NOVA and he pointed to the screen and said, “Hey, that’s a nebula!” In order to encourage him, I got this app on my phone that takes your location via GPS and tells you what constellations you can see in the sky. He LOVES that one. Thanks, NightSky App!

But anyways, with him starting school and an impending visit from my mother (yikes!), I feel like summer is slipping away so fast and I can’t account for the time and before you know it, it will be autumn and the days will turn to grey. I’m trying not to think about it so much. I’m trying to focus on the Boy and how each new day, he’s growing a little bigger, a little wiser, a little older and a little less of the wee little baby I brought home from the hospital. It may go by quickly, but I am going to enjoy and savor it as much as humanly possible.