Things I Like/Things I Don’t Like 5/11/2012

The weekend is upon us! Yippee! And the weather is gonna be gorgeous. I might actually get in a real run this weekend. It’s been almost three months since I’ve pounded the pavement. I fear I won’t be making that weight loss goal I set for myself. Such is life.

Now it’s time for TIL/TIDL:


Things I Like:

  • I like guacamole. I can’t get over it. Have I mentioned that before?
  • Sunday Parkways. In Portland, for one Sunday in each quadrant of the city, the city closes off a trail to all motor vehicles and allows pedestrians and bicyclists free reign.We’ve participated in it for the last two years. This year, we’re going to do the ride in Northeast along with some friends and then the one in our quadrant in North Portland. So excited! Does it count as exercise?
  • Blossoming flowers and signs of spring. The picture above is from my little garden. I had nothing to do with them. The previous owners planted them. To them, I say, THANK  YOU. I’m also loving all the sun and warm weather that we’re getting. I’m really ready to turn off the heated mattress on our bed.
  • The Hunger Games. I finally read the first book. It was really good. There was only one tiny part near the ending that I thought was super cheesy (I seriously said out loud, “Are you shitting me? Really?) but it was a really engaging and good book.

Things I Don’t Like:

  • I have nothing to bitch about this week. Life is pretty good.

Have a splendid weekend! And Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there.


Things I Like/Things I Don’t Like 4/6/12

Painted Staples! Hells yeah! I paint staples when I’m bored at work. I saw a tutorial for that a million years ago and thought it was cute and super easy.  You just take a colored Sharpie and color your staples. The light colored Sharpies don’t work as well, so stick to the really deep colors. And that’s it. Frivolous and pointless? Yep! does it make people freak out when they notice? Yep! Does it make me happy to see a little bit of color on a serious document? Oh yes, yes and yes!

Now it’s time for TIL/TIDL! I haven’t done one in a while.

Things I like:

  • What’s that? Could it be the sun shining outside? We’ll have a sunny day for the Easter egg hunt tomorrow? Sweet!
  • Maxi dresses and maxi skirts. I simply can’t get enough of them.
  • Making my own Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwiches using a muffin tin! Instructions to follow soon.
  • And of course, colored staples!

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Saying tennies, sunnies, bennies, vacay. I don’t know why it’s becoming popular to say those words instead of tennis shoes, sunglasses, benefits and vacation. It just sounds weird.
  • Feeling weepy. Cried at the movies. Cried while writing last night’s post. Cried while reading something online. Cried when a friend gave me a thank you note today.  And no, I’m not pregnant. WTF?

Humble Reader, I hope you have a splendid weekend and if you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter to you, too!


Things I Like/Things I Don’t Like 3/2/12

My freshly-made ricotta! Not the best photo though. Kinda looks like brains.

Well the weekend is upon us! Hallelujah! I’ve got some knitting to do, candy to make and pictures to take. I walk to work every day and I pass by a park and the trees are already sprouting little buds and there are some little yellow flowers (maybe crocuses?) popping up, too. I need to take some photos before it’s fully spring. Spring is about to be sprung! Here is my list of Things I Like and Things I Don’t Like:

Things I Like:

  • Picking up The Boy from school and walking home. We have the most interesting conversations revolving around online games and cartoons. Yesterday, we saw a rainbow and we talked about the ins and outs of rainbows. It makes my heart so happy.
  • Chocolate ice cream with the juice of an orange squeezed on top.
  • Regular Show: We are BIG fans of this cartoon at our house.
  • Remember that ricotta I made? A little bit on a freshly toasted baguette with a smear of tomato sauce and a sprinkle of salt. Heaven!

Things I Don’t Like:

  • Crappy cell reception. Seriously, Sprint. Seriously?! We just want to make a phone call in our own house. Why can’t you make this happen?
  • Backstreet Boys, stuck in my head. Going on a month now. It’s like the world’s worst radio station, playing the only three songs I know by them. Make it stop!

Humble reader, have a splendid weekend.

P.S. Humble readers, if you leave a comment, I will approve it, I swear it, although it may not be instant. Sometimes, I’m away from the computer and I’m a little slow. But it will be approved, uncensored, unless it’s spam. Thank you for hanging in there with me!

Things I Like/Things I Don’t Like 2/10

Om Nom Nom. Nacho Cheese Sauce pic from Serious

Humble Reader,

This past month has been cray cray! Glad to be blogging again and getting back into a comfortable groove.  Here is my list of Things I Like and Things I Don’t Like:

Things I Like:

  • Unseasonable warm weather. I can just give up my dreams of snow unless we head to Mt. Hood
  • Edible Star Glitter. OMG! I just discovered this. Buying some this weekend!
  • Nacho cheese sauce. I don’t care if it’s a billion calories. It’s still delicious.

Things I Don’t Like:

  • People who are late. I can forgive a lot of things but I HATE lateness. My time is just as important as yours. Be on time!
  • Superbowl/Football. I just don’t like football. This comic sums up how I feel. ( I love The Oatmeal!)

Have a splendid weekend!

Things I Like/Things I Don’t Like 1/20

Humble reader, this week’s weather has been complete balls. We thought we were gonna have another Snowpocalypse like in 2008 but all we got was a smattering of snow, a ton of rain and grey skies coming at you. C’est dommage.But nonetheless, here is my Things I Like and Things I Don’t Like list:

Things I like:

  • A freshly sharpened pencil.
  • Creamy hummus, especially if it’s made by the Husband.
  • Tater Tots (hells yeah!).
  • My bright green rain boots.
  • Blood Oranges. So happy they’re in season right now.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Hoping for snow day and getting nothing.
  • Motorists who don’t pay attention to pedestrians. Ugh!

Wishing the winter blues away for all of you! Have a splendid weekend!

Things I Like/ Things I Don’t Like

Remember that movie Amelie? Oh, how beautiful and magical it was! Anywho, one thing about that movie that stayed with me was how all the characters had things they liked/things they don’t like list. Some funny, some mean-spirited, some sincere. I like the idea of putting up a list like that on the weekend.So here goes, this weekend’s Things I Like and Things I Don’t Like

Things I like:

  • 2011 is ending! Bring it, 2012!
  • Poinsettia cocktails for New Year’s Eve
  • Hanging with The Boy and The Husband

Things I Don’t Like

  • Hazelnuts. Gross. Which means no Nutella.
  • Pacific Northwest winters. I don’t mind cold. I don’t mind rainy. Both during the winter can be trying, to say the least. Before you get your knickers in a knot, I KNOW that’s what the Pacific Northwest is known for but a solid month of cold, wet winter days with little sun can wreck havoc on anyone after a while.

That’s all humble reader. Have a brilliant weekend and a happy new year!