What happened? Part 2


Incredible view of Vancouver from our hotel room.

So what have I been up to?

Oh, lots of shit. We did a lot of traveling. Turns out there’s a lot of fun stuff to see in the West Coast. We went to Vancouver, BC and The Redwood Forest in California. We went to Lincoln City, OR and saw the Devil’s Punchbowl on the Oregon Coast. We also did a couple of trips to Seattle, we even went sailing on Puget Sound.  We took a trip to the Ape Caves in southern Washington state. I visited Florida for a work trip. Exciting for me as I had never been to the Florida and have only been on the East Coast once. All of which was incredible!

Redwood Forest

Giant trees in the forest

I did some crafting with some good results and a lot of disatrous results–jewelry, sewing, knitting, painting, dye jobs, making shoes. These may make good posts, watch out for more content!

I did a little bit of cooking with some new recipes and also jumped on the cold brew coffee bandwagon. What can I say? I am sheeple, hear me bahhhhhh. But, but, but! Best coffee ever! Can’t wait till summer so I can start making more.


Cold Brew Coffee


Dealt with a bunch of medical stuff. I’m not sure how much of that I should talk about and how much I should keep to myself. On top of all that noise, I found out I have severe seasonal allergies. Haven’t stopped coughing since September.  Major sad face.

So, there ya have it. Two years in a nutshell. Mostly, the good, the bad and none of the ugly!